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Then, ask her what your most attractive physical characteristics are: eyes, jaw line, abs, shoulders, etc.

Now you have an idea what parts of your body to focus on when you take future pictures.

Women are the same way, only they do it more with other forms of attraction as well. You don’t have to look like a model in every picture, but you should be saying at least one attractive thing about yourself in each photo, while simultaneously not killing attraction by showing something unattractive.

Every picture tells a story What I want you to take away from all this is that every picture tells a story.

This is conveyed in two ways: in pictures and in words.

Your pictures should be considered the most important way to convey your value because most girls will not read your profile, they will only check out your pictures.

In fact, when you take your next photo you should think back to this part of my book and make sure that the story you are telling is one that all women will like.

Every time you choose a picture, you should take the following things into account: Every single time you look at a potential picture for your profile you should be thinking of those things.

You will notice that us as men will judge pictures by how pretty the girl looks, but if there is something that particularly sticks out in a picture (like a nice rack, ass, hips, etc.) we will ignore the fact that the face isn’t as hot as in other pictures.

It is enough that girls will think they have an idea how you really are, while still being careful not to add in a picture that a particular girl finds very unattractive.

Women see overall views of men more than minor physical details.

I will describe more of what you should show to appear higher value, but if you want to really understand and master it, you are going to want to check out Understanding Sexual Attraction: What Makes a Woman Want You.

This maps out everything that women naturally find attractive about men.

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I will teach you how to take and choose the perfect photos for your online dating profile.

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