Gridview rowupdatingobject sender gridviewupdateeventargs e 225 xxx sex

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Gridview rowupdatingobject sender gridviewupdateeventargs e

EDIT: I found a piece of code in the comments of this blog: I'm not sure for I haven't tried but the statement says you need to use the Data Source ID property in binding with the Grid View.

I might try that and see if you can assign an ID to a datasource and bind it in code behind.

It gets into the "On Row Updating" event just fine, but there are no New Values or Old Values. Regarding on the Grid View control's Row Updating event problem, it is the expected behavior because when we do not associate Grid View(or other ASP.

NET 2.0 databound control) with Data Source control, it won't automatically query and fill the parameters collection of the updating/deleting/... In such cases, we need to manually extract the field values from the Template control. In that case you can do it using the Extract Values From Cell method to make the New Values collection yourself.

Grid View was filled with the old values again, so in my Grid. Since Last from 1 year i had develope web application in using now i want to transfer from to c#so what should i do to transform to c# language any link or book related to me through i can easily understand and coding using c# in a short time... Hi, you can read the specifications of the language. NET and how to program in an OO manner thanks to your experience with Object to Object Initialization in C#Hi, I want to Initialization the the base class object to derived class object. what exactly i m doing as follows; class class1 class class2 : class1 in the main function. Text; Hope it works by the way ur way is also correct u have to change cell no only ,you are using row.cell[1] instead try row.cell[2] as per ur code above cell position is 3rd which means cell no 2 (cell numbering starts from zero.) Hope it works . I am binding to a custom datasource in the code behind.

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You can also convert parts of your v..or c# I currently develop websites using php but have been requested to develop a site using

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