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Government loans consolidating debt

Some accounts you can close, then just continue to pay them off, then you're OK using the remainder of your equity balance to buy down whatever you can on the balance.

But we cannot stress the importance enough that you must not let your balances go back up. THIS SHOULD BE CLEARLY SPELLED OUT IN THE CONTRACT. If you don't know how to check their math and verify the monthly payments, don't sign the loan papers, you have no business taking out a loan.

Consolidation Plan: A "bill paying service" that has the influence to work with your creditors to reduce or eliminate your interest and late fees, and agrees to send them your payment every month.Usually car loans, home loans, and other secured personal loans cannot be brought into this type of plan because the bill paying service cannot get banks to relax the interest.This type of plan usually works best on credit cards, gas cards, and other types of credit.Some people then proceed to fill up their credit cards again, now they have double the debt they started with, and they are paying up to 22% on their consolidation loan because they weren't paying attention to the APR when they signed up.Some consolidation lenders are unscrupulous and make it appear they are eliminating your debt, when you are really taking on more debt. Don't let the lender trick you into thinking that lower monthly payments mean less interest.

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