100 swamp dating site

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100 swamp dating  site

Natural signs of ageing in Humans included the whitening or fall of the hair, the loss of teeth, appearance of deep lines, wrinkles and dark blemishes on the skin.Old Humans would experience a decline in many cognitive processes, Humans were noted for being naturally learning and extremely adaptable—not only in terms of physiology, but also mentality and society.

Tarnese Bleyd believed that the ancestors of Humans favored trees and high ground based upon his observations of human hunting behavior.Their body comprised a head, neck, torso, and four limbs.The upper limbs, called arms, ended in hands which had five fingers each; the lower ones, called legs, ended in feet with also five digits.Their societies were capable of transforming very quickly in response to a wide array of conditions, which explains why two Human populations could have next to nothing in common culturally speaking.As noted by the Kaminoan scientist Hali Ke, some Human peoples had more in common with neighbors of other species than with their own kind.

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A consequence of that exceptional adaptability was the existence of many Near-Human species—that is offshoots of the baseline Humans who had followed their own evolution.

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