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She was nominated for an Oscar for the movie, "Claudia." Carroll's domestic life was turbulent.

She made a teen-age marriage in 1956 to agent Monte Kay, which produced her only child, her daughter Suzanne.

Kennedy speaks with actress Dihann Carroll at a birthday party held for the President by Arthur Krim at Krim's New York apartment.

This is a lunchbox and thermos set printed with illustrations of actors from the sitcom "Julia" starring Diahann Carroll. the lid, has a green border and features the show logo, red block-text outlined in black reading [JULIA] in the top right corner.

She spent four torturous and cathartic years exploring her past.

She and Kay divorced in 1962 but remained good friends up to the time of his death in 1988.

They separated in April 1991, and he filed for divorce 9/11/1996, Los Angeles, CA.

In her autobiography, "Diahann," 1986, Carroll reveals the dark side of her life, crisis love affairs and dangerous dependencies.

After knowing Vic Damone for some 20 years, they were performing on the same bill in Palm Beach when they were simultaneously hit by Cupid's thunderbolt on 4/18/1984, a date they refer to as their anniversary.

A few months later, he proposed, and they married on 1/03/1987, Atlantic City, NJ.

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Examples of derivative works are translations or dramatizations; an example of a compilation is an anthology.

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