Back dating job seekers allowance

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Back dating job seekers allowance

You are usually ordered on to them if you refuse a place on a voluntary or training scheme at a Restart interview.

They are like the voluntary schemes in terms of content and are used to break down people's resistance to accepting low paid and crap work.

If you ignore a written notice to attend, your claim will be stopped (and you'll be off the unemployed register) from that date, unless you turn up at the Job Centre within 5 working days and show "good cause" for not attending.

At each Restart you may have to fill in a form (like the old UB671R).

You could get a follow up Restart and be asked to explain.Some people find these schemes useful, most think they're rubbish.They involve CV's and learning to be "flexible" i.e.It involves up to 6 interviews with a Client Adviser over a 6-12 week period.You will be asked to do things like prepare a CV, research the local labour market, etc.

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Under the old system they would try to persuade you to go on a voluntary scheme.