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Dating too much time together

Could be bad if you alienate all your friends..besides friends may have insight on your partner that you refuse to see."Most of your time is probably normal, especially early in a relationship (which to me is like, a year) when you're still getting to know each other.

But spending almost all of your free time with them can become unhealthy.

While I love my significant other and I hope to be with him for a very long time, I still have to hold onto my own identity and independence.

Josh pushes me to succeed, is my greatest confidant, my most loyal ally, my dearest friend, and I believe him to be my soulmate, but having a life apart from his gives me a chance to grow and be the strongest person I can be by myself so that I can reach my goals, AND so that I can be stronger for him when he needs it most.

He lifts me up in my endeavors, even when they don't involve him.

He, too, has many aspects of his life (relationships, goals, responsibilities, and interests) that have little to do with his life with me.

Many people often believe that two people who are dating should not spend more than a certain amount of time together.

I feel everyone should get a little "me" time every once in awhile. I have personal responsibilities, goals, relationships, and interests that are mine alone and often don't involve him, and he respects that.Lastly, there is some merit in the saying, "Distance makes the heart grow fonder." When I haven't seen or talked to my special person, I am so much more grateful when we have time together than I would be if I spent every ounce of my free time with him.Even though we have lives separate from our life together, we still share a lot of goals that can only be accomplished as a team.He's been there for me more than most of my friends have.When you get in a relationship your boyfriend or girlfriend becomes your top priority, and I believe spending a lot of your time with them is all part of it." "It's OK to spend all that time together because you truly need to know someone well if you plan on spending the rest of your life with them..

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While I wish I could spend every moment with him, I can't give him all of my time (part of the reason is because he lives in another city).