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Bloom dating

“Recently they’ve been hanging out as more than friends,” the source said.“It’s super casual.” Still, another unnamed source for the pub conceded that the pair is “having fun together,” but says they’re not “exclusive,” as Bloom “doesn’t want a girlfriend and enjoys being single.” It wouldn’t be the first time the rumor mill got things wrong: Just earlier this week, Paris Jackson cleared the air about the false buzz that she and Zac Efron were a thing, saying she’d yet to ever even meet the actress at Comic Con.It’s been just under two months since Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom called it quits, and already, the rumor mill is churning that he’s moved on to another young starlet: one Miss Nina Dobrev.According to sources for Conflicting stories, however, say that they are not a couple, and that “there is nothing romantic going on between the two.” So are they or aren’t they? Dobrev’s rep tells the love connection is just a rumor, saying, “Nina and Orlando are just friends.MORE: Robin Thicke's Girlfriend April Love Geary Flaunts Her "Buns" on Instagram!"Nina has known Orlando for a few years now," the insider revealed.And now, the British actor has gone and done it again, making us gasp out loud over the fact that he could potentially sinking his teeth into a former cast member of #The Vampire Diaries.

An eyewitness says they even touched each other — with their arms!They have the same representation and friends in common, and often end up in the same social group.That’s it,” but a separate source for the mag claims otherwise.According to People, the pair are reportedly getting it on but are keeping things "super casual:" It appears that the dating rumors sprouted after the actress was seen partying with #Orlando Bloom at Coachella, an event that was attended by everyone who was anyone over this past weekend.However, sadly we didn't see Orlando basking in the sun with his sausage out this time and in fact, he also spent quite a bit of time with model Ashley Haas at the festival — a sure sign to the yellow press that things between N-dobz and himself weren't that serious yet.

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But, recently, the two were spotted out together at a concert and the rumors started swirling. Bloom recently opened up about the split to Elle UK and said that: We’re friends, it’s good. She happens to be someone who is very visible, but I don’t think anybody cares about what I’m up to.

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