Job speed dating definition

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Job speed dating definition

Each event is themed by location, such as East London or Zones 1 & 2.

On arrival you are given a sticker: white if you have a room to spare, pink if you are looking for a room. You spend the evening wandering around, talking to any stranger that takes your fancy. You have free-reign to be completely subjective: if you don’t like their jacket, you don’t have to live with them.’ Speed Flatmating was started by Ben’s sister, Gemma Allen-Muncey, now Operations Director at the parent company Spare uk.

But when the prize is not a date, but a room-mate, everyone has a topic of conversation other than the weather.

And you’re almost guaranteed to get a phone number.

‘But I can’t think of a more enjoyable way to find somewhere.’ Others are here to get a better idea of the rentals market before their search has even begun: ‘Online there’s just too much to look through,’ Justin explains, ‘and you don’t always trust the places you find.’ Speed Flatmating is not only safer, but easier.

Ben Craft points out that ‘the traditional way would entail browsing through scams and properties already taken, then trawling round maybe ten flats.

The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.

How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?

But towards the end of the evening things seem less functional and more, well, fun.Pity the poor Boomerang Generation: the school and university leavers who can’t find a job and have to live with Mum and Dad all over again.It looks less and less likely that they will ever move out of that childhood bedroom, ever escape the My Little Pony duvet cover.Like the school prom, or a social life based in a coffee shop, it is hard to imagine it happening in Britain.An evening spent trying to charm a room full of strangers leaves many of us reaching for the Ovaltine.

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This event allows you to meet loads of people and make sure they’re OK.’ And the crowd is nothing if not varied.

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