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In a way, their self-determination to create the alternate news service, the non-lapdog, non-suckup, non-yes Man, non-corporate shill news service; where independent bylines gathered together under a loose umbrella called freedom of speech and freedom of the press, was noble indeed.It crawled off to wheeze in the Art Institute of Boston annex behind Kenmore Square, under the beer-breath shadow of Fenway Park.Not only did this remind me of my first major comic book convention (at the Playboy Towers in Chicago) where I met Skip Williamson, but also of Skip’s terrific “Class War Comix,” published about five years later in Snappy Sammy Smoot (1979).

And yet, it is also true to itself, to its own ingenuity, self-deceptions, and aspirations.

There are some playful jabs at democracy, individualism, and even the tyranny of the uninformed voters (a la John Stuart Mill).

The tone is not as playful as Ron Goulart, but definitely not very serious either.

this comic featured a paranoid schizophrenic Richard Nixon being replaced as President by an even more freaked out long-haired capitalist, Amphetamine Arnie.

Reading Famous Long Ago, My Life and Hard Times with Liberation News Service brings to mind the fact that struggle is never finished.

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