Dating ritual of the alligator

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Dating ritual of the alligator

Literature cites this species as early as the third century A.

D., including reference that it lived in other areas of China and possibly even Korea.

In July females make a mound nest out of surrounding vegetation and mud on land surrounding lakes or rivers.

Females will use coordinated movements of the front and hind limbs to form a pile in the center just under 1 m high.

Currently, Chinese alligators reside naturally within the lower Yangtze River basin, located along the central Pacific coast of China.

Historically, when populations were more numerous, they spread over much greater areas.

Unlike crocodiles, their fourth mandibular teeth in the lower jaw lie in sockets in the upper jaw, and are unexposed when the jaws are closed.As adults mature, their coloring becomes less and less conspicuous.Young alligators begin development as hard-shelled eggs laid in a nest.Male alligators are polygynous, a male may fertilize several females in one mating season.Females are known to have only one mate each season.

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