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Once the emergency needs of persons at the scene are met, officers then begin collecting evidence.

From the beginning, it is critically important to preserve and safeguard evidence.

Therefore, officers may be required to prohibit public access.

Many times property must be removed from the crime scene and taken to the crime lab for processing.

After the initial report is taken, a detective, or another officer with specialized skills, may be assigned to the case.

Jurisdiction regarding law enforcement agencies' responsibilities, as they relate to a particular crime, can vary.

This guide is not intended as a legal reference or to provide legal advice, but as an aid to further understanding of the criminal justice system in Arkansas.

It is vital to understand that criminal cases are brought by the State, not the victim of the crime.A Crime Victim's Guide to the Justice System in Arkansas was written to assist victims of crime in better understanding the Arkansas criminal justice system so they are more able to exercise their rights.It is also designed to inform victims of services available to them throughout the state including shelter, cash assistance, counseling, and private support organizations.These conversations are often audio taped or video taped.This seemingly intrusive technique can prevent unnecessary, repetitive interviews of the witnesses.

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