Updating classpath container consolidating business processes

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Updating classpath container

It is thus highly recommended to register a In the case where the user didn't override the VM install at the project level.

The actual binding from the CPE_Container entry to the target classpath entries is implemented in term of an extension point to keep Java Core independent of VM install concerns: abstract class Classpath Container Resolver The initialize call passes in a project, this enables to resolve a classpath container in the context of a particular project.I use maven eclipse:eclipse to generate the classpath, but ...it NEVER adds the classpath on the eclipse project.WSDD defined their own build description mechanism that bypasses the JRE_LIB support.This results in a problematic user experience when switching from WSAD or vanilla Eclipse Java development to WSDD.

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Each project .classpath contains only the sources, JRE and maven injection: (adjust depending where your sources are).

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