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Brethren preparing lectures or study lessons may find an electronic version of the Bible to be most useful.The ability to cut and paste Bible verses accurately and without typing is most worthwhile.We are aiming to update our digital library with even more content in the near future so don’t forget to check back soon!The internet offers a vast source of information for the Bible student.These skills are an efficient and time-saving method of capturing information and images for presentation, particularly for Power Point users.There are many FREE copies of Bible versions, concordances, lexicons, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, historical documents, maps, biblical images, and commentaries on every Biblical topic.This daily Bible reading planner goes through the Old Testament once in a year and the New Testament twice. For convenience this planner, or Bible Companion, is also provided in a PDF version.

Using a search engine like Google, type in the name of the concordance you want to use and you will find many "hits" (sites).

The search engines available in these software packages are very rigorous and many Bible programs may be used on line without downloading the software (also useful when you want to compare your King James Version with other translations).

Understanding how to use your mouse, especially the right click aspect, will prove most valuable as will a good understanding of how to save digital images.

To enable Bible readers conveniently to carry out the suggestion of the foregoing remarks, the following tables are placed in their hands, under the guidance of which their daily readings will be methodical and edifying.

By strict adherence to this plan from year to year, the reader will reap much profit, gradually losing the insipidity of the natural mind, and taking on the warm and exalted tone of the Spirits teaching, which qualifies for the inheritance of the Saints in light.

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The down side is that the information is not all correct or spiritually oriented.

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