Virgins looking sex chat room No credit card use porn chat

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Virgins looking sex chat room

And only like a straight guy can, he describes to Caruso how he fucked a chick on the beach in broad daylight while all his buddies and their girlfriends watched.Caruso pairs our straight mechanic with another dude who’s also new to porn, and that’s 25 year old self proclaimed ‘beach bum’ Josh.Like Jake, he’s also done some fucking on the beach, or at least got fucked on the beach by apparently more than a dude or two – but no one was watching when he did it.With the preliminary boner tests done, Caruso needs to deliver the bad news – there’s no girl available for the shoot.Next is fucking and Caruso asks for a volunteer to take the bottoming duties.

Caruso’s chat seems to calm Jake down and before you know it he’s agreeing to give gay a try.And you should’ve seen Jake’s reaction when Caruso gave him the option of having sex with Josh – Jake jumps up all angry shouting ”SERIOUSLY”.We thought for sure he was going to start throwing punches.Jake quickly rips off his rubber and jacks his cock hard and winds up shooting a pretty big load himself that lands all over Josh’s hand.Caruso asks our straight boy Jake ”how was the experience” and Jake simple answers ”good”.

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He’s 5’10”, with green eyes and short brown hair, a solid, thick, muscular build which is covered in a variety of tattoos and has a really nice 7.5” cock.